Barcodes and Radio Frequency Tags

has implemented solutions that through identification technologies, such as traditional barcode and now radio frequency tags (RFID), seek to solve traceability and tracking problems for: products, assets, things, people and animals.

We have developed, with our best partners, applications that are interconnected and are part of an entire eco system in terms of identification and tracking. 

Facial recognition and video analytics

Facial features analytics for people, extracted from frames or images from video sources and comparing them with a database containing images of previously loaded faces; The process is subjected to pattern analysis algorithms resulting in identity results.
It can be used for different purposes such as:

  • Access control.
  • Surveillance and security in companies.
  • Criminals alert.
  • Identification of people in public places.

Internet of Things

The concept IoT relates to the interconnection between objects and cloud systems. We have used it to provide solutions when executing events and capturing information about objects that need to be managed and controlled: (temperature control in cold rooms, location of products in warehouses, vehicle registration).
Using low power transmitters ibeacons provide easy indoor location by leveraging LBE (Low Bluetooth Energy) technology.

Machinery Connectivity

We have developed software interfaces to be able to interconnect applications with: industrial machinery, diagnostic equipment, automotive elements, field devices etc; used to complement processes or simply for the extraction of data generated by machines for its processing, consultation, and exposure in a web application, or simply to make it part of some algorithm or business rule. Equipment or machinery involved: Packaging Process Machines, Sizing and weighing Equipment and Cold Room Temperature Sensors.

Web Applications, Mobile Apps, Integration
with other Systems

We develop WEB applications with the latest technologies: Angular, React, CSS3, HTML5. PHP, Nodejs, Python, Java. C#, .NET Apps that are operated from mobile phones or from PDA's with: Flutter, Android Native, Ionic among others.
We have strong experience implementing any type of integration with ERP, CRM, and other management tools to which we connect through software components (middleware).